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It’s okay that GaGa is b-a-n-a-n-a-s

September 21, 2009

She isn’t afraid of what you think of her, and I respect that.

And unlike Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry, Lady GaGa is taking her outfits to an ultimate extreme.  But, is this a fashion statement or a cry for attention?  Is she only doing this because she’s a star?  Is this overshadowing her music?

Personally, when I first listen to an artist, I have no idea what they look like.  Until I go to a show, or buy the physical copy of a CD, I’m left in the dark.  I remember first hearing about Lady GaGa’s outfits before I actually heard her music–It was something she was wearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  An outfit with an orb spinning around her head.  So, I definitely checked it out, and thought it may have just been a stage costume.

Afterwards, I kind of dismissed it, and went on with my life.  Until a copy of The Rolling Stone showed up in my mailbox, and she was wearing a dress made of bubbles.  I then decided to see if she did this type of thing all the time.  Turns out, it’s a daily thing for GaGa to look outrageous.  And instead of saying how strange she is for wearing dresses made of bird’s nests and bubbles, I’m taking her side.

It’s part of who she is.  If I hadn’t head about her performance on Ellen, I would’ve never checked the video out.  I probably would’ve heard of her some other time, whether it’s when she was being called a hermaphrodite, for the song Love Game, or for another outrageous ensemble she was wearing.

But what’s wrong with being comfortable with yourself and wanting to wear something no one else would?  When did society say that what you wear defines who you are?  (Oh wait, I live in that world..)  It obviously does define her.  Because she’s comfortable with wearing those clothes, and comfortable with who she is as a person, people have to question her sexual identity.

Is it because she’s provocative?  She sings about sex (and it sells) as she parades around in her outfits; very confident in who she is.  If she was someone like Brittney Spears (before all of her controversy), who is known to wear costumes in her shows, would this be a different story?  I think it would.  It’s just been a long time since someone has come out and done something like this.

And while we may not understand her or her outfits, it doesn’t mean we have to.

“It’s not about everyone knowing who you are, it’s everyone wanting to know who you are.”

And when you can have the number one album in the country because of it, that always helps too.

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