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October 12, 2009

Rolling Stone’s 2009 fall music preview.

My prediction for A.O.T.Y (album of the year)  is definitely Say Anything’s self-titled release that will hit shelves November 3rd.  Lead singer Max Bemis went through a break up right before they started recording their last release (In Defense Of The Genre); today he’s happily married.  It’ll be interesting to see the band’s progression, from the classic Say Anything tunes I expect to the songs devoted to his new love.

News from this weekend-
– Soulja Boy got arrested while shooting his new video.  (Maybe he was just trying to come up with a better dance..?)
– Barbra Streisand beat out Paramore and Mariah Carey for number 1 album last week.
-Michael Jackson’s single ‘This Is It’ premiered this weekend.
-Motion City Soundtrack will be doing a three-day touring special in Chicago this winter. (This sounds amazing!)

Song recommendations this week-
Blow Away – A Fine Frenzy
Say When – The Fray
Breaking – Anberlin
Not Your Concern – The Hush Sound

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