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Say Anything at the Beaumont on 10/21

October 23, 2009
Say Anything and Eisley

Say Anything and Eisley (Photo by Sara Humm)

After waiting a couple of hours while the openers (Eisley, Moving Mountains) warmed the crowd up, I was getting antsy.   And once the stage cleared and the lights dimmed, no one else could keep their excitement inside, either.

Minutes later, the members of Say Anything (all dressed alike, might I add) were ready to give the crowd the show they were anticipating all night.  Starting with Wow I Can Get Sexual Too, the crowd was into it from the moment the ringing phone introduction started.

Most pits and the occasional crowd surfer were the common sight of the night–along with the smell of sweat and beer on every person in the bar.  After the first couple of songs, Max Bemis, lead singer, thanked everyone for coming out.  He also added that this was the biggest tour they’ve been on thus far (after touring and being a band for 6 years.)  Which, of course, was the perfect introduction to lead into the single of their new album, Hate Everyone.  (I think this is about the part when I lost my earring and everyone started to get really sweaty as many of the guys shirts started coming off.)

Singing many songs from their last CD In Defense Of The Genre, they were even better live.  You can tell the frustrations the band went though to write these song (an almost band break-up, bitter relationships, drug abuse, etc..) and hearing them live makes it that much better.  Knowing that they can overcome all of these obstacles and grow from them only makes their music better over time.

Max then said he was nervous about their new self-titled CD, but that seemed to go away as everyone was cheering as he talked about it. (As said before, it’s my pick for AOTY.)  After signing two of my personal favorites Yellow Cat/Red Cat and This Is Fucking Ecstasy, the mood slowed down for another new song. Eloise, an anti-long song, sung in the key of a typical love song–has laughable lines like ‘two band-aids, two infected band-aids that’s all we really were to each other’ and ‘a couple of kids, throwing a ball back and forth to see who drops it first.’  It’s an amazing song, and it was good to finally let my body rest as everyone seemed to calm down and take it all it.
But before I could catch my breath again, the set continued with some more old favorites, one more new song, and then a crowd favorite (The Futile) before the band thanked everyone for coming out and supporting them.  

..oh..and no show would be complete without an encore.  Not only that, but this is one of the best encores I’ve been a part of.  After Bemis’s solo for the new song Crush’d, he said that if the crowd gave enough support, they’d play two more.  Lighters flug in the air and the crowd clapped at the chorus as Max sung a cutesy-yet-enjoyable love song (that I predict is about his new wife who was sings for Eisley)  He laughed, make some jokes about the crowd and the band joined for two more popular songs.  But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to how the crowd reacted to Admit It!!!  Everyone on the floor (even those who didn’t want to) were forced to bump and grind as Max sung about his definition of the ‘scene’ today.  

A perfect ending, in my opinion.  The lights went dim, and you could hear and see all the satisfaction and smiles on the crowd as they went towards the merch table to meet the openers (and get swag to remember this rainy day in November.)

-Two nerds decked out in Say Anything merch, which they wore the entire show (I don’t know how this was possible, it was SO hot and they were wearing long sleeve shirts, t-shirts and hoodies..)
 -The opening and last songs.
-Say Anything’s matching outfits.
-Having an AWESOME time. (way better than I expected..) 

-Creepy old men who want to bump and grind on you.
-This girls gross hair that kept getting in my face. 
-Getting elbowed in the mouth (I kinda deserved it..)
-Not getting a drumstick or autograph 


Setlist: (probably not in order, it’s from memory.)
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
Alive With The Glory Of Love
It’s A Metaphor, Fool
Hate Everyone (new)
Yellow Cat/Red Cat
Have At Thee
This Is Fucking Ecstasy
Eloise (new (and amazing) )
Baby Girl, I’m A Blur
Mara and Me (new)
Slowly, Through A Vector
The Futile
Crush’d (Max Bemis solo–and new)
Admit It!!!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Sara Humm permalink
    October 25, 2009 8:45 pm

    Fantastic review Dani!! And that photo isn’t bad either!

    This concert is definitely on my top 5 best shows!!

  2. Amanda Roseberry permalink
    October 27, 2009 12:44 pm

    Definite great first!!

  3. Andrew permalink
    October 31, 2009 12:12 pm

    I think you got the set list right, played in boston last night pretty much the same thing. So amazing, and I agree with sara this was without a doubt in my top 5 as well.

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