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OneRepublic is ‘Waking Up’

November 21, 2009

OneRepublic's 'Waking Up' released Nov. 17.

I wasn’t sure about OneRepublic when I heard the song ‘Apologize.’  Everyone was talking about it/singing it and the video reminded me of something The Fray would do.   But I’ll admit– Eventually, I couldn’t stop singing it either. 

It was just the other day that I heard ‘All The Right Places’ on the radio–and I knew who it was from the first couple of beats.  This time though, I wasn’t hesitant about it, this was a great song.  So, I picked up their new CD ‘Waking Up,’ and after a couple of listens I’m here to report that I am officially a fan.

I laughed at the first track, with acapella voices previewing the first few tracks–it seemed like a strange, but different opening track.  This CD then led into the song ‘All The Right Places,’ which is something that reminds me of the song Apologize, but with less of an R&B feel.  From there you’re listening to the second single of this album–the song ‘Secrets,’ which I love, and frankly, is one of my favorite songs of the year.  From there, ‘Everybody Loves Me’ takes on a different sound (awesome chorus, too) and is a song about having pride for what you’ve been given.  ‘Missing Persons 1 & 2’ takes on a another completely different sound and has a certain sound of playfullness that the other songs seem to be lacking.

The song ‘Good Life’ is a typical upbeat song about dealing with what you’ve been given–and to stop complaining about it.  Back with an R&B rock sound, it’s catchy, and awesome at that.  It reminds me of something that would be in a movie preview or a romantic comedy about the time two people realize they’re made for each other.  The song ‘All The Time,’ follows, and for the first time on ‘Waking Up,’ OneRepublic slows things down.  Not only that, but it’s definitely a song that everyone can relate to–it’s about being in a completely different place in your life than someone you love/care about–but running back to them because it’s the only thing that’s familiar.  The songs ‘Fear’ and ‘Waking Up’ follow this and seem to open the same way, but also take on a slower beat that seems to get brought back up within the first minute mark.

‘Waking Up’ closes with the songs ‘Marchin’ On’ and ‘Lullably,’ and honestly, I’m disappointed by how it ended.  I feel like the opening songs to an album and the closing songs should be ones to remember, and I don’t want to remember them.  The song ‘Lullably’ really is something that I’d fall asleep to, or keep on as background music.  Once ‘Waking Up’ slowed down, it didn’t start back up and instead remained steady with filler songs and slow background music.

I think this CD has a good overall message and is something that’s been playing in a my car since the day I bought it. (Always a good sign.)  I wish it had more songs like ‘Secrets’ and ‘All The Right Moves.’  Alas, it’s one of the better CD’s I’ve bought this year. (Which also says something..)

Highlights: Secrets, All This Time, Everybody Loves Me, Good Life

1.) Made For You
2.) All The Right Moves
3.) Secrets
4.) Everybody Loves Me
5.) Missing Persons 1 & 2
6.) Good Life
7.) All This Time
8.) Fear
9.) Waking Up
10.) Marchin’ On
11.) Lullably

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