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Coco still has my heart

January 25, 2010

The battle between Conan and Jay has been brewing for some time.

I grew up watching Conan and Jay.

Besides Friends and Seinfeld, late night on NBC was really the only time I watched ‘grown ups’ on TV when I was younger.

And while I can quote almost every episode of Friends, I also find myself remembering skits Conan did on his show.   At times, I also find myself pulling on those invisible strings on my legs pretending to be a puppet like he so often did.

It’s not that I didn’t like Jay Leno, it’s that I didn’t remember much about him.  You see, I always remember things about people, or at least I like to, and all I can remember when I was younger is that he was ‘the guy before Conan.’

I’ve been told this is a ‘generation’ thing.  That people my mom’s age prefer Jay, while people my age prefer Conan.  I don’t necessarily think that’s right, but I often thought (and still do think) that sometimes Jay’s comedic style is dated.

When Coco took over at the host of The Tonight Show, I was relieved.  At the same time, I also thought that Jay didn’t need to be on my TV from 9-10pm.  I believe there’s a time when a person needs to let go of what they’re good at and move on.

I believe Jay has reached his time, however, NBC has not.  And because of that, many people have to say goodbye to Conan way before his ‘time.’  But that’s not to say he won’t be back—and with a vengeance.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have exactly one hour to steal every single item in this studio,” Conan said right after the cheers wouldn’t stop during his last show.

Besides Conan being on my TV from 10:35-11:35pm, there’s also nothing better than humor in awkward situations.  For a week, all I heard on MSNBC and CNN was the battle between these two late night bros.  But there’s also nothing better than being mature in awkward situations, too. (No matter how much you may want to laugh and point.)

Once you put all the ‘he said, he said’ drama behind, Conan put on a great last show.  So great, that hardly any clips can be put online (NBC is taking them down.)   I assume this is because they end up looking like the bad guy (which they should.)

And what a cast on the last show; Will Ferrell, Neil Young and Tom Hanks just to name a few.  And while the guests were good, it wasn’t going to dismiss the fact that Conan will no longer be taking up an hour of my life at least a couple times a week.

I hope Coco takes that $45 million and helps Jay buy fans when his ratings end up not being as good.  If I was into wasting electricity, I’d turn all the TV’s on in my dorm to David Letterman (on mute, of course.)

I felt tears surfacing at the closing of the show when Will, ZZ Top, Beck, Ben Harper and Conan closed the show with the song ‘Free Bird.’  At the same time, I also smiled, because I remember all the funny things from when I was a kid.

“Can we watch the red haired guy?  Why is his hair always the same?  Why does he dance like that?”

And now, I have the answer.  Because he’s Conan O’Brien, duh.

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