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Finding the ‘bigger picture’

February 9, 2010

Lyrics you can relate to, songs you feel that were written for you.  It’s something about music that makes people believe in something more.  In something bigger.

Non-for-profit organizations in the music industry are becoming even more common.  And with things like music tours, it’s the perfect way to promote what ‘to stand for.’  It’s also one of the reasons I love going to Warped Tour.  When the lineup sucks, there are always the familiar tents and easygoing people that will share their stories with you.

And it’s not necessarily just music organizations that want to get their words across, but companies that are associated with the way music and ‘the need to help’ go together.  It’s the way music can make you feel when times are rough, and the way you can relate to messages.

My favorite organization is To Write Love On Her Arms.  And it’s definitely a small organization that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.  I think this is great, because the organization helps those struggling with suicide, depression, self-injury, etc.  This organization uses music and music artists to promote what their ‘message’ is (rescue is possible.)  Through concert tours and artists like Hayley Williams of Paramore and Jon Foreman of Switchfoot backing the company, the message is definitely being spoken clearly.

The purpose of this video/the story for Rolling Stone is that ‘everyone has a story and every story matters.’  Here, you see this photo shoot for Rolling Stone not only become something great, but you also see it as an outlet for those who know someone who has struggled or have struggled themselves.  All of these people, gathering for a cause to show they’re aware.  I think it’s truly an amazing thing. (Fast forward to about 1:30 if you’re looking for actual words/story of the video.)

Other important sites: (music related/go on music tours to promote their causes)
Music Saves Lives

Music For Relief

Invisible Children

Keep A Breast

VH1’s Save The Music

Organizations involved with Warped Tour.

(Of course there are many more, and many others that aren’t music related.)

I just think it’s important to realize that not only can music be something to dance, sing, relate to or play–but that it can also be used as a support system.  It can be something bigger than just ‘lyrics and noise.’

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