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LimeWire loses lawsuit

June 16, 2010
“Causing a shift in the downloading habits of millions.”

The Recording Industry Association of America won a huge lawsuit against LimeWire this week.  LimeWire, a file sharing service accounted for 58% of people who said they illegally download music last year.  Something that I think is personally outstanding  is that this software has been downloaded 340,000 times.  And they could get some big money.  In an article on cnet news, LimeWire could face a $150,000 suit for each infringed piece of work.  Read what people are saying about this lawsuit here.

I also found it interesting that this news station didn’t say illegal music downloading is hurting the music industry, but said to basically ‘be more smart about it.’  Despite that fact, this video shows how easy it is for LimeWire users to access each other’s files.

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